The world's first spectrally tunable sunlight and moonlight simulator for conservation

Recreate the solar or lunar light spectrum at any latitude, complete with sunrise/sunset events and custom day lengths.

Applications: Nocturnal houses, Zoos, Conservation Organisations, Husbandry, Research.

Incorporating an array of 16 LEDs driven by an onboard microcontroller, SOLTUNE can mimic daylight and moonlight spectra more accurately than any existing light fixture.

Each unit has a fully configurable light spectrum in the wavelength range 380nm - 700nm, with precise brightness control and dimming to below 1 lux. Units operate autonomously to a programmed daily, monthly, seasonal or annual cycle and they can operate stand-alone or in groups up to any size.

By providing its users with complete control over the visible light spectrum, SOLTUNE can reproduce the most natural light possible for artificial environments and help ensure the highest standard in animal care.

Recreate natural light conditions from anywhere on Earth.

SOLTUNE is able to reproduce visible light that closely mimics natural sunlight without the sharp peaks and troughs in the spectrum that are present in typical nocturnal house lighting technology.



PAR range
Spectral range
Sunlight simulation
Moonlight simulation

0-50 µmol m-2 s-1 @ 1m
12 channels (16 LEDs)
380nm – 700nm
60° / 90° / 120°


Output resolution
Dimmer function
Refresh rate
Comms Protocol
Input voltage
Input power

12 bit (4096 levels)
Pulse Width Modulation
500 Hz (Flicker rate)
Ethernet (RJ45)
12VDC / 240 VAC


Ambient Temperature

Fanless heat sink
0 – 40 °C

About us

SOLTUNE is a subsidiary of In-situ Marine Optics, which  specialises in the development of optics based instruments for marine research. We have recently expanded into spectrally tunable light systems and provide solar simulation units for coral replication experiments and the built environment. Our team includes optical physicists, software and electronic engineers, and biologists. Our mission is to make research grade equipment more accessible to the global community by using the latest technology available.

Matthew Slivkoff BSc(Hons), PhD

Matt's expertise is in optical remote sensing physics and electrical engineering. He has fifteen years experience in design of research instrumentation.

Wojciech Klonowski BSc(Hons), PhD

Wojciech's expertise is in optical physics and mechanical engineering. He has fifteen years experience in advanced optical techniques and mechanical design.

Daniel Baker BSc

Dan's expertise is in environmental systems and software. He holds degrees in computer science and biological science and has spent five years as an environmental scientist in the Zoo sector.

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