In-situ Marine Optics


World’s most accurate sunlight and lunar simulator for conservation

Mimic solar and lunar light spectra at any latitude, complete with sunrise/sunset events and programmable day length.

Applications: Nocturnal houses, Zoos, Conservation Organisations, Husbandry.

Using an array of 16 LEDs driven by an onboard microcontroller, each light module can mimic daylight and moonlight more accurately than any existing light technology. SolTUNE has a fully configurable light spectrum in the wavelength range 380nm – 700nm, with precise brightness control and dimming to below 1 lux. Units operate autonomously to a programmed daily, monthly, seasonal or annual cycle and they can operate stand-alone or in groups up to any size.

  • Sunlight and moonlight spectral simulation (380nm – 700nm)
  • Seamless dimming to zero output (4096 output levels)
  • Sunset/Sunrise/Moon cycle/Day length simulation
  • Programmable day/month/season/annual cycle to mimic geographical location.
  • Configurable via command line over standard network (RJ45 ethernet)
  • Undetectable flicker when dimming (500 times per second)
  • Industry leading high efficiency 3W LEDs (Luxeon/Lumiled), 48W input power per module.
  • Robust design. No moving parts, IP68 water proof and dust proof housing.
  • Custom software interface available.



PAR range LEDs Spectral range Lens Sunlight simulation Moonlight simulation 0 – 50 µmol m-2 s-1 @ 1m 12 channels (16 LEDs) 380 – 700nm Quartz half sphere Yes Yes


Output resolution Dimmer function Refresh rate Comms Protocol Input voltage Input power 12 bit (4096 levels) Pulse Width Modulation 500 Hz (Flicker rate) Ethernet (RJ45) 12VDC / 240 VAC 48W


Length Width Weight Material Ambient Temperature 114mm 135mm 1.32kg Aluminium 0 – 40 °C

Shipping August 2017