In-situ Marine Optics
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The Dynamic Above-water Radiance (L) and Irradiance (E) Collector (DALEC) is an autonomous sea-going hyperspectral radiometer designed to continuously measure above-water ocean reflectance during ship transit.
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  • Continuous and fully automated data collection during transit
  • Integrated GPS, pitch, roll and heading
  • Motorised azimuth control
  • Automatic integration time
  • Real-time dark current compensation
  • Rapid, sequential measurements up to 5Hz


Detectors 3 x Zeiss MMS1 UV-VIS NIR enh. spectrometers
Wavelength range 350 – 1150 nm. (Calibrated range: 400 – 900 nm)
Spectral resolution 10 nm (3.3 nm pixel spacing)
Sea viewing radiance channel (Lu) 40° from nadir view angle 5° degree Field-of-View
Sky viewing radiance channel (Lsky) 40° from zenith view angle 5° degree Field-of-View
Downwelling Irradiance Channel (Ed) PTFE Diffuser Cosine error: <3% (0 – 60°)
Calibration NIST traceable radiometric calibration
Acquisition 16 bit ADC
Sampling Rate Sequential sampling up to 5 Hz per (Lu, Lsky, Ed) sequence
Integration time Automatic or manual from 1 – 6600 ms
Communication RS-232 / WiFi / Internal data logging (2GB storage)
Positional sensors GPS, pitch, roll and heading
Motor-controlled sun-relative azimuth angle User specified in software
Input Voltage (deck unit) 24 VDC
Deck unit battery rechargeable Lithium Ion
LED status indicators Yes
Connectors Micro WET-CON MCBH8M (sensor), MCBH4F and MCBH8F (deck unit)
Length 210 mm
Diameter 140 mm
Weight 5 kg
Materials Acetal, SS316, PTFE and Fused silica
Passive gymbal Anodized aluminum with ceramic bearings
Water resistant Yes
Operating Temperature 0 to +50 °C



DALECview is GUI program that allows users to easily configure and display real-time data via serial communication. DALECview.exe for Microsoft Windows