In-situ Marine Optics
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The Dynamic Above-water Radiance (L) and Irradiance (E) Collector (DALEC) is an autonomous sea-going hyperspectral radiometer designed to continuously measure above-water ocean reflectance during ship transit.




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  • Continuous and fully automated data collection during transit
  • Integrated GPS, pitch, roll and heading
  • Motorised azimuth control
  • Automatic integration time
  • Real-time dark current compensation
  • Rapid, sequential measurements up to 5Hz


Detectors3 x Zeiss MMS1 UV-VIS NIR enh. spectrometers
Wavelength range350 – 1150 nm. (Calibrated range: 400 – 900 nm)
Spectral resolution10 nm (3.3 nm pixel spacing)
Sea viewing radiance channel (Lu)40° from nadir view angle
5° degree Field-of-View
Sky viewing radiance channel (Lsky)40° from zenith view angle
5° degree Field-of-View
Downwelling Irradiance Channel (Ed)PTFE Diffuser
Cosine error: <3% (0 – 60°)
CalibrationNIST traceable radiometric calibration
Acquisition16 bit ADC
Sampling RateSequential sampling up to 5 Hz per (Lu, Lsky, Ed) sequence
Integration timeAutomatic or manual from 1 – 6600 ms
CommunicationRS-232 / WiFi / Internal data logging (2GB storage)
Positional sensorsGPS, pitch, roll and heading
Motor-controlled sun-relative azimuth angleUser specified in software
Input Voltage (deck unit)24 VDC
Deck unit batteryrechargeable Lithium Ion
LED status indicatorsYes
ConnectorsMicro WET-CON MCBH8M (sensor), MCBH4F and MCBH8F (deck unit)
Length210 mm
Diameter140 mm
Weight5 kg
MaterialsAcetal, SS316, PTFE and Fused silica
Passive gymbalAnodized aluminum with ceramic bearings
Water resistantYes
Operating Temperature0 to +50 °C



DALECview is GUI program that allows users to easily configure and display real-time data via serial communication.

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For Microsoft Windows platforms.