In-situ Marine Optics
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A three-channel datalogger for RS232 devices, designed for long term underwater deployment.



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  • Long term water quality monitoring
  • Integrated Lithium Ion battery for peripheral device power management
  • user-programmable sampling regime
  • Low power µA ‘sleep’ mode allowing 6+ month deployment on a single charge
  • Instrument charge and data downloads without opening the unit
  • 2 Gb Micro-SD Card data logging
  • Integrated Depth and Temperature Sensor and Internal Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Pin-compatible with standard oceanographic equipment
  • Australian designed, manufactured, calibrated and serviced


Input Voltage7 – 20 VDC external input with internal battery fallback
Internal Battery11.1 V, 7.8 Ah Lithium Ion
Lithium Ion Charge4 – 6 hours full charge
Power Consumption80 mA during data logging and 85 µA sleeping @ 12 VDC
Input Channels3
ProtocolRS232 serial
Baud SettingsUser-specified (4,800 – 115,200 bps)
OutputDedicated channel for real-time monitoring, device control and data download
Channel-specific, user-configurable serial commandsYes
Connectors (Micro WET-CON)1 x MCBH4F – power/charge/battery enable
1 x MCBH6M – data I/O
3 x MCBH6F – peripheral I/O
Length250 mm (connector + 72 mm)
Diameter76 mm
Weight1590 g in-air, 400 g in-water
MaterialsAcetal, Copper, SS316
Depth Rating300 m
Operating Temperature0 to +50 °C



DL3_Config is GUI program that allows users to easily configure and display real-time data via serial communication.

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For Microsoft Windows platforms.