In-situ Marine Optics
  • DSC 0154




The PST Photosynthetron is a spectrally-tuneable LED-based light source designed for simulating underwater light environment for scientific vial-based light curve productivity experiments.


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  • Maximum PAR: 2600 µmol m-2 s-1
  • 8 independent treatments (triplicates foreach)
  • Blend up to 10 unique LED colours for accurate marine spectral reproduction
  • USB serial PC configuration software
  • Preset memory for stand-alone operation
  • Incubation timer and alarm
  • 8 independent water jackets
  • Holes to suit 28 mm diameter vials


PAR Range0 – 2600 µmol m-2 s-1
LEDS10 independent channels, 288 LEDS
Spectral range375 – 700 nm
Resolution16 bit control, Analog LED output
Input Voltage12 VDC
Power Consumption90 W
DC Input Connector2.1mm DC, +ve centre
Serial ConnectorMini USB

Width250 mmHeight100 mm

Length700 mm (connector + 30 mm)
Weight20 Kg
MaterialsAnodised Aluminium, PTFE, Nylon
Ambient Operating Temperature0 to +40 °C



PSTcontrol is GUI program that allows users to easily configure PST devices and display real-time data via USB connection.

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For Microsoft Windows platforms.